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tv   Fox 5 News Edge at 11  FOX  January 21, 2010 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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>> amazing. like lit will i know it's a cliche but it changed my life with the surgery. brian bolter now with the news edge at 11:00. you heard by now it could be a messy morning commute. a mixture of rain and sleet falling right now across most of our area. some neighborhoods have already gotten a little bit of snow. sue is out outside in the elements to tell us what we can expect. >> i think there will be some slick spots around the area, primarily north and west. here in northwest d.c. i was out here an hour ago. the rain is lighter than it was one hour ago and it is mostly just a light rain with the occasional sleet pellet in there but more rain than anything else. the streets are wet but nothing slippery. a little different story north and west. radar will show you especially in the pink colors that that's where we have a mix going on. in some spots there's been a coating put down where it's been colder north and west. otrueview we're watching two batches of precipitation. one is a storm that's weakening over tennessee. another is a coastal that's
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taking over. but between the to, there's not a lot of precipitation. so this may come in on a real light side here but i do want to show you we do have winter weather advisories, especially for frederick, loudoun, northern fauquier and points west. in those regions you may be seeing some delays in the morning and a few slick spots. we'll watch that for you. those go till 6:00 tomorrow. of course there's lots more to talk about and we'll show you our new model guidance coming up in a few minutes with the fall forecast. as you would expect road crews already out in full force tonight treating the roads to keep them clear. if you have to drive in the morning allow a little extra time and slow down. fox 5 morning news will go on the air early tomorrow at 4:30 a.m. we'll have the latest on any cancellations if there are any, the forecast and the road conditions. new tonight a troubling crime spree just steps from the u.s. capitol. talking about a rash of armed carjackings. the shameless thugs are stealing cars and purses at
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gunpoint across a several block area near 14th and e streets and tennessee avenue northeast. bob barnard is down in the newsroom with the details. >> reporter: brian, it appears capitol hill is becoming carjack central in the nation's capital. one ever the more than two dozen victims says she was afraid she and her two young children were going to be shot. >> this happened on sunday at 1:00 p.m. in front of my office. >> report: dr. petra jacobs was not alone. her two infant children were with her when she was carjacked outside her northeast home last month. >> when i parked i was trying to get the kids out of the car and i put them on the sidewalk. then i saw to young men roaching us and one pointing the gun at me and the kids. one took my purse and my keys and then they got the car and while they were leaving they
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kept pointing the gun at me and the kids. >> reporter: you must have been petrified good i was. i was terrifed, yeah. >> reporter: according to d.c. police, there have been 14 carjackings in this part of capitol hill since september 1. >> it's pretty frightening, especially since i have a baby, you know. we're always getting in and out of the car together. >> reporter: on january 2 a germantown woman was carjacked going to visit her sister, dan's wife. >> you know, you try to sell d.c. to your parents and your family as a safe and family place, a family friendly place to live. >> reporter: and this happens? >> lloyd thompson says he's witnessed two of the carjackings, including the latest, a woman sprayed with mace in the face during a robbery sunday night. >> just like the first one i heard the lady scream. i came to my door and i saw the people pull off. >> reporter: police have responded beefing up their presence in this part of the hill around 14th and e streets northeast. >> certainly when if someone is
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going to carjack someone and a police is nearby or if he comes along, of course, they're going to hightail it. >> reporter: d.c. police say the capitol hill carjackings are the work of two different groups of teenagers in each crime wearing masks and carrying guns. dr. jacobs, a psychiatrist and medical officer at n.i.h. says she tried to be strong for her children's sake. >> of course i was trying to calm the situation down. i didn want them to be upset and i didn't want those guys to shoot us. >> reporter: olice say carjackings are actually down city wide but one mpd official says there's still work to do as long as anybody feels in danger getting from their car to their front door. a follow-up on a fox 5 exclusive. a woman mistakenly allowed to walk out of a d.c. jail is back in custody. this is tyra williams. court documents show she was
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ordered held without bond until her court date tomorrow but the jail let her out anyway. she may have mtakenly been released six times since december 2007. again williams due in court tomorrow. the news edge on the aftermath ofhe earthquake in haiti and there are new developments. a first, haiti plans to resettle 400,000 survivors from port-au-prince to temporary camps outside the town. there's concern about sanitary conditions in tent cities. meanwhile more military on the way. officials expect the anybody of u.s. troops to almost double by the weekend and this should help relief efforts. additional airports have opened to increase the number of flights carrying needed food and supplies. of course the devastation in haiti is hitting close to home, across the country and the world. one local police department, seven prince george's county police officers are of haitian desent. men and women worried about their family members back home leaning on each other to cope during this crisis. >> families and things that we
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see on tv, i'm getting notifications from my family, how my family does not have a house to live in right now. just need of medical supplies and so forth. just a lot of hem. nurses and doctors are needed there. >> the department is mobilizing to help the victims, collecting donations to send to haiti. you can help the victims of the erk quake by donating to the hope for haiti telethon. george coney and wyclef jeane will host the telethon t. all starts tomorrow at 8:00 right here on fox 5 and our sister station my 20. a silent protest on capitol hill ended with dozens of arrests. maureen umeh is everywhere at 11:00. >> brian, the protesters want president obama to fill his promise to close guantanomo bay. they came dressed in orange jumpsuits and black anothers. they didn't say much but their message was clear. they are calling on president obama to keep his campaign promise of closing gitmo within his first year in office. 42 protesters were arrested for disorderly conduct.
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the body of a woman found in a trash can in a woodbridge shopping center on the prince william parkway was a murder victim from new jersey. a 48-year-old man was arrested accused of killing the woman two days ago and driving to virginia to dump her body. a d.c. safeway has reopened after being shut down by the health department for mice. health officials closed the store on rhode island avenue last night after discovering the vermin. fighting rodents gets tougher during colder months when the mice go inside to get warm. safeway took care of the problem and that store reopened quickly. the health department gave the store the okay to reopen this afternoon. an automaker has issued a giant recall affecting more than two million vehicles. we have what you need to know coming up. also tonight virginia governor bob mcdonald has been in office for five days and already the g.o.p. has given him a big job. plus, the son of osama bin laden is speaking out. wait till you hear where e gave his interview and why he
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says the most wanted man in the world has already won the war on terror. first, a quick check of our rundown. the news edge at 11:00 back in one minute. hang tight. 
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the former governor of alaska is hitting the campaign trail again. sarah palin going to stump for senator john mccain who is running again for his arizona senate seat. the former running mates are said to be on friendly terms. palin's facebook page says she'll also be campaigning for texas governor rick perry and minnesota congresswoman michele balkman. if someone asked you two weeks ago who scott brown was, probably wouldn't have known. tonight he's perhaps the most famous man in the senate. the brand new senator from massachusetts, he's a republican as you know. fox 5's tom fitzgerald explains why his arrival on the hill might mean trouble for the very bill his predecessor championed
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for decades. >> reporter: to the applause of republicans and a media mass following his every move, republican senator-elect brown made the rounds on capitol hill. >> must be a slow news day, huh, guys? >> reporter: in a brief meet and greet at the office of massachusetts interim democratic senator paul kirk, brown talked about trying to follow a senate legend. i'm stepping into shoes that are very, very big. i have great respect for senator kennedy. obviously great respect for senator kirk for what he's done. >> reporter: but one ever the things kirk has done is povide a democratic super majority which will end when his term does. still, the outgoing senator -- [ indiscernible ] >> i think he would look to scott as one who's -- who has an opportunity to break some of the stark polarization that i've observed since i've been
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here. >> reporter: from kirk's office brown met with massachusetts senior senator john kerry and then it was off to a session with republican john mccain. finally it was republican minority leader mitch mcconnell whose minority is suddenly not as small as it was. >> when people ask for his autograph, he was writing 41. this is a man who understands how the senate operates. >> reporter: while me democrats have suggested trying to get the house to approve the senate's health care bill that now appears unlikely. speaker nancy pelosi conceded there are not enough votes to do that making her election day promise tuesday difficult to deliver. >> whatever happens in massachusetts, we will have quality affordable health care for all americans. >> reporter: had health care reform gone as the
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administration had hoped, many analysts expected the obama white house to pivot from its focus on health care back to jobs and the economy. clearly that strategy will have to wait. on capitol hill, tom fits gerald, fox 5 news. the president's state of the union address is coming up on january 27 and virginia governor bob mcdonnell has been picked to deliver the republican response. mcdonnell was just sworn in last weekend. this is video of him addressing the rginia constituent legislature on monday. getting around the national mall always a little tricky. find out why tomorrow traffic will be worse. not even talking about the weather either. one of osama bin laden's sons is opening newspaper a surprising interview. why he claims his father has already won the war on terror. and the heated rivalry resumes. the great eight and sid the kid facing off tonight. they didn't disappoint. the news edge back after this. shop smarter at kmart with the free...
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osama bin laden has already won the war on terror. that's according to the terror leader's fourth eldest son. in an interview with rolling stone magazine conducted at a strip club in damascus, omar osama bin laden said his father had won because he had achieved his aim of humbling the united states. omar says he doubts his father will order any more mass attacks and claims bin laden is worth more to the united states alive than dead because his death could unleash nasty attacks by militants. a consumer alert affecting millions of car owners. toit toits has issued a giant recall -- toyota has issue add giant recall. a popular georgetown store is going out of business. maureen umeh is back with your fox 5 top five. we start tonight with another georgetown store front shutting down. commander sal mandzer's closing by the end ever the month. it's been in business since the early '80s selling punk and new
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age clothing. this is the 53rd business to close its doors in georgetown in the past year. another business is opening a new store in our area. number four, macy's i opening its first bloomingdale's outlet stores. one will be at potomac mills mall in woodbridge, virginia. more outlet locations are expected to open in 2011. skip just a teaspoon of salt in your diet every day and cue get dramatic health results. by reducing sodium by just 3 grams a day you save 92,000 lives and prevent 99,000 heart attack as year. number two, getting around the district might be tricky tomorrow. the annual march for life walk will take place. the event marks the 37th anniversary of the roe vs. wade decision that legalized abortion. this is video from last year's' vent. expect a lot of pedestrians and temporary street closures near the national mall tomorrow. number one, toyota is issuing another major recall tonight. it affects 2.3 million
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vehicles. the automaker says the accelerator pedal can get stuck. it includes rav4, corolla, camera, avalon, tundra and highlander. full recall details are on so are the street closures for the march to life event. click on web links. thank you, shawn. a $40 million budget gap and talks of raising rates still not stopping metro from rolling outa new ad campaign. the price tag here, $739 grand. the campaign is within the marketing budget guidelines, metro says. bus ridership has slumped recently even after metro rolled out new buses. you'll sue palka now. we got a little bit of everything out there. >> i was just looking around. martinsburg reporting freezing rain. hagerstown has snow. other places have light rain. our temperature in d.c. has dropped to 36 degrees. out to our west we're seeing temperatures right at the freezing mark. so that's where we'll have those problem, brian, where the temperature drops and the precip, i've got to tell you to be sure it's real light.
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you can see it's just wet roads we're seeing from our tower cam looking down on wisconsin avenue but the temperature has dropped a degree since last hour. and there is still some very light rain out there. we'll start with radar tonight. max hd satelte and radar putting it in motion here. there's definitely still more to come. you can see the mix that we are getting out to our north and west. so again that's where we will see our problems in the morning. again a wider picture. we have a few dry slots back here but a little bit filling in here as our coastal low now is deepening. while we were watching this first storm earlier tonight, we had a lot of lightning with it. there was a severe thunderstorm watch box around. now it's getting weaker. this will takever and it's going to move away pretty quickly so it's not going to have time to throw a lot of moisture on top of us. that's good news if you need v things you need to get down tomorrow. there is snow out there, too. most of that well west. shy also say there is still a little bit of report of freezing rain here and there.
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so we'll get the combination overnight but in the metro area close in especially, i don't think we'll have really big problems. and certainly not south and east of d.c. there will probably be friday morning delays and be sure to check out fox 5 morning news at 4:30. the winter weather advisories and storm warnings in the purple go all the way down to southwestern virginia for bigger totals and bigger accumulations of ice n. this region we're talking probably 1 to 3, maybe 2 to 4 if you get far enough to the west and comer in here, i'm thinking up to one inch. i'll show you those totals in a moment. watching temperatures drop. frederick down to 34. win chest 3er 3. and culpeper 34. in these areas that's where we begin to see it piling up just a little bit. and i do mean little because there's not that much precipitation. this thing is going to move away pretty quickly. it cuts down on the amounts we could see. pittsburgh 34. columbus 39. we'll eventually warm up as we get through this system but
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again temperatures marginal tonight from 29 in front royal to about 34 in southern maryland. so that's why you won't have the big problems down there. again showing you those accumulations. the jackpot again out here across the highest elevations where we could get 2 to 4 inches, a combination of snow and sleet. for most of the rest of us, up to 1 inch with the higher amounts of that being on the western side. for most of the area you might see a little coating on grassy areas covering the mulch but this will be hard to stick to payment emily with temperatures not really getting -- especially with temperatures not really getting below freezing in the district. the drier say is saturday. looks like heavy rain could be getting in here on sunday. that's also a california storm and that will linger into monday. we talked about tomorrow, i think the precipitation cuts off at or around noon. might end as snow for us on saturday. at least it warms up a little bit. that's your weather forecast. don't go anywhere.
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good evening. i'm felt fell. don't have to be from can -- davefeldman. you don't have to be from canada to know there was a great matchup. the caps and penns playing for the first time this season. remember the last meeting, eastern conference semifinal. sydney crosby and alex ovechkin getting ready to resume a rivalry that may decide the best player on ice.
11:24 pm
first period, it's crosby who strikes first. the puck takes a weird turn off the stick of joe say theodore. caps respond. later in the first, mika niewble hammers home the board. tied at one. caps on the power play. [ inaudible ] we're tied at 3. then the caps take over. at the expense of former caps gold tender brent johnson. the caps get the lead for good. just 53 seconds later nick backstrom will sacrifice his body and get his 21st. the caps get a sweet win on the road over their archrival. we'll see you february 7 at verizon center. the washington redskins added three new coaches to their staff today.
11:25 pm
chris will coach the offensive line. he spent the last two years in that capacity with the niners. bob sloik who spent four seasons with the broncos will coach the defensive backs. women's college basketball tonight, maryland loses at home to miami 80-77 ending a 48-game home winning streak. george mason women lose 59-51. marquee matchup in the nba. kobe and the lakers in cleveland taking on lebron and the cavs. lebron had a typical lebron night. kobe goes through his arsenal of moves. he would have 31 but also hit a milestone becoming the youngest player in the nba history to record 25,000 points in a losing effort cavs win the game 93-87. last night some brother on
11:26 pm
brother crime if phoenix. first the suns robin lopez on his brother brook. take that, my twin. then brook comes back and returns the favor. the elbow, the dunk. mom, debra, didn't know what to make of it. she's watching wearing a suns jersey. the suns won the game, by the way disbrz long-time wrc sports anchor george michael was remembered today at a service at the national cathedral. he died on christmas eve after a battle with cancer. dan snyder, john riggins, jim zorn, john thompson ii and iii were all in attendance as was joe gibbs and our own doc walker and sonny jergenson who worked with him for so long. the service was loud and sensitive and truthful just like george. >> george was always there for us. he wasn't just an interview. he wasn't just a journalist. to many of us he was a friend, whether we were on the field or
11:27 pm
off the field, he was always there for us. >> george is survived by his daughter and his son and his loving wifepat. brian is back with more of the edge after this. [ mom ] my family and i love game time. and when it comes to the playoffs, we get together every year to watch it. with walmart's unbeatable prices, i can afford all the food it takes to make everyone happy -- no matter how many times they come back for more. [ female announcer ] people who spent $100 a week at the leading national supermarkets on frequently purchased groceries could have saved $55 in just one month by shopping at walmart. [ mom ] game time costs less at walmart. save money. live better. walmart.
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some of you will need a little extra time tomorrow morning. a last look at radar. we a


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